Contact: Rod McPherson
Address: Market City, 280 Bannister Road, Canning Vale WA 6970
Postal Address: PO Box 1464, Canning Vale DC, WA 6970
Phone: 08 9455 2742
Fax: 08 9455 4923
Email: [email protected]

About the Chamber of Fruit & Vegetable Industries in WA Inc.

The Chamber was established in 1946 and incorporated in 1959. Current membership is 25 primary wholesalers and 9 associated businesses operating from the Market City site at Canning Vale WA.

The Chamber provides cost effective operational services to Market City tenants and vital liaison services to Government, grower associations, retailers & other industry organisations on behalf of members.

About the Chamber of Fruit & Vegetable Industries in WA Inc.

The Chamber provides its members and other Market City tenants with a number of services.


Chamber members are wholesalers who provide suppliers and retailers with a high degree of professional service and their role in the industry is vital to the WA horticultural industry. They promote and sponsor products through the direct media and promotional advertising and by making voluntary contributions to other associations.


The Retailer of the Year program commenced in 2003 and has developed into a prestigious award for the retail sector. The program has been designed by the Chamber to recognise and reward retailers who trade at Market City, promote WA fresh produce, provide consumers with quality fresh produce and take pride in their business establishments. Nominees are visited twice by secret shoppers who assess their business using set criteria developed from an independent survey conducted by Curtin University.

The winners are presented with their awards at the annual Market City Ball which is another Chamber initiative to bring industry participants together. The Chamber has recently extended the award program to include retail support, which provides the retailer with feedback on their assessment and point of sale merchandise. This will assist them to improve their presentations, performances and turnover.


The Great Greengrocer is a voluntary marketing support program to promote fruit and vegetables to the community through shopping at independent greengrocers.

This program is managed by the Perth Market Authority (PMA) and initial funding is provided by the PMA and Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables Industries WA.

As a part the Great Greengrocer Marketing Campaign, the program also promotes WA growers through website and social media.

The aim of the program is to educate the consumer on how to select and cook fresh seasonal produce, show benefits of shopping at great greengrocers, and rediscover great growers and their regions.


This is without question one of our most important responsibilities. The Chamber has very strong liaison channels with the Perth Market Authority and other industry and government bodies.


The Chamber mobile telephone plan commenced in February 2003 and provides users with large savings for mobile telephone usage. The plan rates are very competitive in comparison to other provider plans. It is offered to buyers, growers and any other entities who meet the credit review criteria. To date the plan has in excess of 500 service connections and the number continues to increase.


The Chamber provides a cost effective floor scrubbing service for its members. This ensure that the trading floors are always kept clean and members comply with the requirements of their Quality Assurance and Food Safety programs.


The gas refueling facility is located onsite at the Canning Vale markets and has been operational since October 2000. It provides market tenants with convenient access to market priced LPG, without the need for delivery and rental of bottles to operate the more than 300 forklifts on site.


The FPAA Credit Service has been operational since 1997 and is one of the most significant innovations developed by the Chamber for members and the industry as a whole. The value of funds processed through the service is significant and includes the vast majority of buyers visiting the market. The major benefits provided are; the buyer makes one weekly payment on a consolidated statement to the credit service, a regular cash flow to the wholesaler which ensures that growers are paid in a timely manner, buyer credit control and the reduction of bad debts to insignificant levels in recent years. This cost effective service has contributed towards the 24 participating members remaining viable within a highly competitive industry.


The Chamber manages an electronic price reporting service for the industry. Members, who are the main handlers of particular produce lines, report the pricing 3 times per week. These prices are then published on the Chamber’s website. Access to the price reports is free but users must register and log on to obtain the reports.


The Chamber collects data on the produce that is traded in the markets. This data is published on our website and throughput volumes on various products can be accessed by anyone who chooses to register and log on to the reports.

The WA Chamber has come a long way from its inception in 1946 and will continue to promote the central market system to the benefit of all fresh produce industry stakeholders.